Monday, 16 January 2017

Smug as a...Smug Thing!

Right now, I am feeling pretty pleased with myself!

Over the weekend, I decided to take control of my meal plan for this week because I was rather sick of the old one, which meant that I wasn't eating the things that I should have been eating a lot of the time.  This way, with me having decided on more or less the whole plan, it is mine, I have taken ownership of it, so I think I will be more likely to stick to it, knowing that I have chosen food that looks good, tastes even better and is of a manageable portion.  That is the theory, so time to put it into practise.

Donal Skehan ( sent me his recipe book, Eat Live Go, a while ago, and I decided to really challenge myself and choose some meat/fish recipes to try out this week.  It is only in the last fortnight or so that I have started eating chicken/fish again after about almost a decade on-and-off of not really eating it at all.  I want the freedom to eat whatever I feel like.  I need omega 3 for brain food, I need protein to restore my ratty hair and I just need to nourish myself in the easiest and tastiest way possible.  I was thinking last night, I don't think I am actually scared of calories as such (ok, maybe a little bit), I just have irrational fear foods, and am just scared of overwhelming portions, which means that I should be able to eat anything, as long as the portion is manageable and looks nice.  Small but nourishing.  That is what I am telling myself anyway. 

I am pleased to report that the week has started off well, very well in fact.  For lunch, I cooked and ate Thai Chicken burgers (although I used turkey mince because I couldn't get chicken).  And instead of the coriander slaw as in the recipe below, I used fennel, sprinkled some gran padano on top and roasted it in the oven.  I had a whale of a time cooking, with some fantastic company, which meant chatting away and having a laugh, it was truly great!

I won't lie, it did feel incredibly weird to eat meat, and especially like this in like a chunk, the texture and the flavour, but only because I am not used to it, and I will, in time, get used to it.  I would definitely recommend this recipe, and would definitely cook it again.  High fives all around!



  1. Love it! I'm a firm believer that our food should look pretty as well as be nourishing. Sounds like it was a lot of fun to prepare too. :)

  2. Annie... I'm glad you found a cook book that you're enjoying ... keep on working towards a healthy you xox ♡

  3. Well done! You should be sooo super proud of yourself!

  4. New recipes are always exciting, even if eating them can be scary. Your burgers look really good. Well done! Proud of you :)


  5. Annie I just messaged you but I don't know if you are reading messenger at the moment.
    I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful and thoughtful gifts you sent me. I truly love them and to know you were thinking of me makes my day and my week. You have such a kind heart and soul Annie and you make my world and the world in general a brighter place.
    I hope you see this and do check messenger to read the text I sent you. I am now going to keep my eyes open for something special for you dear partner.

    Love you to the moon and back