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  1. So I have finally managed to check out your blog this morning and I have just spent the last hour reading through your posts; I think I'm addicted! I have never been more proud to be your friend. I have always thought you could get through this, but now I know you absolutely can and will. You are incredibly strong - I have always admired this about you. And reading this blog has helped me to understand a lot better. You are actually amazing. XXX

  2. Hi Angharad,
    Instead of teaching you today, I have been looking at your blog.
    Your writing is fantastic! I am looking forward to our next lesson - I was so pleased with how things went last week and sad about this week when you phoned last night. Give me a ring when you get out and we'll fix up a lesson don't have to wait until Wednesday although I am away over the w/e.

    Vicky xx

  3. Dear Angharad,
    I don't know you, but I think I might have met you once when I came as a one-off to the church choir. I just watched your video because a friend of mine had liked something of yours on facebook. Someone very close to me has anorexia, and reading what you've written and what you've said has helped me to understand a bit more of how it feels.

    In your video you seem so smiley and bubbly - although I don't know you, I'm really glad you seem happy at the moment. I wish you the very best in making it back to uni. (The family member of mine is also trying to get back to uni.) Love and prayers for you. Jennie xx

    1. Dear Jennie,

      Thank you for such a lovely comment! I think I remember you coming to choir too...did I sit next to you?

      I'm so sorry to hear that someone close to you has anorexia. I know how destructive it can be, and it is such a difficult thing to understand. When it takes over me, I have no idea what is going on or what to do, so I have an idea of how you might feel. If you ever want to ask any advice or just a chat or anything, I'd be more than happy to try and help, anytime!

      Was that the video where I show the kitten? I think it must have been a good day because I had choir in the morning and evensong too, so that always makes me happy! And I tend to smile a lot, it hides everything :)

      Thank you for your best wishes and prayers, and I hope everything works out for your family member too. Sometimes going back into 'normal' life can be daunting, but can also be the making of someone because it gives back a sense of purpose other than the sham purpose that anorexia gives. My uni plans are on hold for another year (I'll be writing a blog post about this soon, haven't actually made it 'public' yet!) but I've got other plans which all happened this week!

      Thank you so much for getting in touch! Am always here to listen!
      Love Angharad xx

  4. Hey!

    I’ve awarded you the ‘Very inspiring blogger award’. You may find the process of accepting it a bit strange and I apologize for it (I did not invent it), you can find the rules on mine:
    I just accepted mine today so yeah. Don’t feel any pressure about it.
    Keep up your amazing work!


  5. Hey Angharad :) I nominate you for the blogger recognition award because I think you and your blog are wonderful xx thanks for sharing your light with us all xx Em

  6. Hello, Darling, just sawr this & figured to greet you.

    You are so wonderful, Baby Girl, & tho OC you NEVER need do ennathg for my approval other than 'merely' be, gotsta admit I'm ever-so-Chuffed c your outreach-!! You do blo. me. away.

    <3 you forEVS; Jils
    PS: & see AnisA, even Tanny agrees, you're Amaesing…-!! [haha, your song is on again : )]